On-Demand Instances

More than just virtual machines. Instances is a scalable compute platform that's reliable to easily run production applications.


Save hours managing your compute environment

Cloud Firewalls Easily secure your infrastructure and define what services are visible on your cloud instances. Cloud Firewalls are free and perfect for staging and production deployments.
Team Management Enable unified collaboration to manage and scale your infrastructure and apps, with one invoice, and no shared credentials.
BackupsEasy-to-use automated backups built into instance interface. Enabling this service on can provide automatic, system-level backups at regular intervals, allowing you to easily revert instances.
Load Balancers Load Balancers are a highly available, fully-managed service that works right out of the box and can be deployed as fast as a Droplet. Load Balancers distribute incoming traffic across your infrastructure to increase your application's availability.
Snapshot A snapshot could be taken prior to making any drastic changes to a server configuration, so that, should the changes be unsuccessful, you will have a version to revert back to.
Floating IPsWith Floating IPs, customers can associate an IP address with a different instance with minimal downtime. This makes it possible to set up a standby instance, ready to receive your production traffic at a moment's notice.

DEPLOYQuickly and efficiently deploy a cloud instance
t2.nano Test drive Storage Bucket's cloud compute today
R0.14 /per hour

FREE usage for up to 24 hr/s

R50 Credit Required

1 vCPU

512MB Memory

8GB Block Storage

1 Floating IP

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t2.custom Configure your own cloud instance with Storage Bucket's cloud compute
R0.24 /per hour

Usage: R0.24/H

R100 Credit Required

vCPU: R23.54 per vCPU

Memory: R0.10/H

Block Storage [GB]: R0.003/H

Floating IPs: R30.00 per additional IP

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