Scalable Cloud Instances

  • basic-plan
    • 1GB Memory
    • 1 vCPU
    • 1TB Transfer
    • 25GB Storage
    R0.132 P/H
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  • star-plan
    • 2GB Memory
    • 1 vCPU
    • 1TB Transfer
    • 50GB Storage
    R0.275 P/H
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  • hosting
    • 4GB Memory
    • 2 vCPU
    • 2TB Transfer
    • 80GB Storage
    R0.572 P/H
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  • basic-plan
    • 8GB Memory
    • 4 vCPU
    • 2.5TB Transfer
    • 160GB Storage
    R1.116 P/H
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  • star-plan
    • 16GB Memory
    • 6 vCPU
    • 3TB Transfer
    • 320GB Storage
    R1.458 P/H
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  • line-plan
    • 32GB Memory
    • 6 vCPU
    • 3.5TB Transfer
    • 640GB Storage
    R2.916 P/H
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Expertise for You

Your business success is our priority, thus your teams can set their sights on offering your customers exactly what they want without worrying about installation, configuration and management of your infrastructure. Our experts also can monitor and manage your business-critical applications.

Lower Infrastructure Costs

Moving from on-premise traditional IT infrastructure to Enterprise Cloud environment results in significant savings through higher utilization, improved provisioning, standardized processes, error and troubleshooting time reduction as well as hardware investments.

Predictable, pay-as-you-go pricing

With straightforward and affordable pricing you never have to worry about your monthly bill. Pay for what you use, and scale up on demand.

Rapidly provision as many instances as you need

Choose from standard or performance instances and customize from there. Get the flexibility you need.


Cloud Instance Features

  • iso-img
    Custom ISO Custom ISO allows you to mount configured images on your instance and run through the boot & setup process.
  • backups-img
    Auto Backups Schedule backups daily, weekly, or monthly backups. Manually create backups as needed too.
  • team-img
    Bulk Orders Order multiple instances of the same configuration easily allowing you to quickly scale when needed.
  • ips-img
    Multiple IP's Get access to multiple IP addresses for your instances. Additional IP's are available on request.
  • ssh-img
    SSH Access Use public key authenication when connecting to instances for increased security and quicker access.
  • IP-img
    Dedicated IP Get a free dedicated IP per instance so you can have direct access to your server.
  • scale-img
    Scale Quickly scale up your instance on demand through your control panel when needed.
  • console-img
    VNC Console Better manage your instance through via the VNC console when needed.

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